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Tired of waiting for your turn…
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As a Master Health Coach, I know you want results more than anything. I also know it isn’t your motivation that’s holding you back—-it’s the lack of scientifically proven tools and educated support to get there.

Being a Trained Nurse who’s spent 20 years in the medical industry, I understand how important training and diet is to your overall wellness. Not only did I spend two decades working closely with overweight individuals suffering from co-morbitities; I’ve also gone through a host of health issues myself.

After beating ovarian and breast cancer, I went through a year of hormonal treatments that wreaked havoc on my weight. I was still healthy and fit enough to play three seasons of Pro Football, but the pounds kept piling on no matter how much I trained.
While the scale didn’t lie, I kept denying reality to myself. Me, obese? Come on! I was a professional athlete with more stamina than most people—-despite having won the war against cancer, twice.

The problem was, I couldn’t out-exercise my poor diet. The truth is that even elite athletes have to watch what they eat, to make sure they get the right nutrition in relation to exercise demands. It’s far easier to unintentionally overeat than the other way around!

It wasn’t until my football retirement party the reality finally dawned on me, when my ten year old son asked me if “I’d always be fat”. I almost choked on my blue cupcake when I heard those words, but after looking in the mirror I knew he had a point.
Long story short; I hired a trainer to help me lose 140 Ibs in year, by the end of which I competed in my first Figure Contest. Curious to understand why my plan had worked, I went back to school to become a Registered Dietician, before becoming a Certified Personal Trainer specializing in medically sound health solutions for people struggling with overweight.

My online coaching and group programs has helped countless clients around the world achieve their individual fitness goals with my online coaching and group programs.

If you want the most efficient path to specific results, 1-on-1 coaching will propel your success with minimal risk for setbacks. As your private coach, I will make sure you stay focused on your end game and feel great throughout the entire process.

With regular check-ins to ensure steady progress, motivating strategies and continuous one-on-one support, I will treat your health and well-being as if they were my own.

From the moment you trust me with your goals, I’ve got your back—until you’re exactly where and who you want to be.


Depending on your circumstances and individual bio-markers, I can help you develop a customized nutrition and/or exercise plan to reach your goals in more timely, healthy and precise manner. Whether your end game is to run a marathon, compete in figure, or lose a significant amount of unhealthy weight, I offer personalized package solutions to suit your unique needs.

My 1-on-1 Coaching Packages can help you:

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$375/month or $2800 year*

*Yearly fee can be paid in 3 equal installments

  • Includes 1 monthly zoom call
  • Unlimited Q&A
  • Daily Workouts
  • Daily Meal plans
  • Eat out plan
  • Special coupons/local discounts for foods on your meal plan
  • Special considerations for lifestyle

Don’t wait to realize the vision of a better you.

Make the choice now, so you can start living a more fulfilling life sooner.
You deserve better than to stand in the shadows of what you could be.
It’s time to let your best self shine, so you can inspire people around you with joy, health and self-confidence.

Choose yourself today.

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