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Find Lasting Balance

Find Lasting Balance

with healthy foods and recipes, you’ll love
Lead A Fit Lifestyle

Lead A Fit Lifestyle

with better habits that are easy to maintain
Improve Overall Health

Improve Overall Health

with a nutrition and exercise plan that works

It’s time to let go of the idea that you have to
stay in your situation.

The truth is that you have a choice and that:

Always being tired and depressed is not an acceptable way to live.

You do not have to keep questioning your own abilities and worth.

You do not have to look or feel the same another six months from now.

Weight gain, health problems, and pain are not inevitable as you grow older.

You should not have to hide behind big clothes and sit on the sidelines.

You do not deserve to feel ashamed of your body or how you look.

You are far too valuable and important for life to pass
you like this, while you punish yourself with negative
habits, words, and thoughts that hurt your self-esteem,
relationships, and health.

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If you’re struggling with extra weight, you’ve likely received well-meaning
but unsolicited tips like:
“Start eating healthier, it’s easy!” or “Start running, it’s free!”

The reality is far less simple.

Getting in shape is difficult for most; especially if you’re dealing with long-term overweight associated with health issues and emotional eating.
Having dealt with obesity myself, I know what you’re going through.
Besides losing 140Ibs of overweight and spending 20 years working with obesity in a medical setting, I’ll be the first to admit:

Yes, losing weight is hard. But it’s far from impossible.

Maybe you’ve tried to get fit on your own but found that the plan didn’t work for your body, or you lost weight but felt weak and miserable the entire time.
Losing weight doesn’t have to mean giving up your entire lifestyle for a plan that’s nor realistic or enjoyable in the long run.

You deserve a simple solution that makes you the happy, healthy, and outgoing person you want the world to see.

In order for you to improve your health and fitness long-term, you need an effective, flexible plan that fits your unique lifestyle, preferences, and body goals.

I know what it’s like to avoid the mirror
because you know it will bring you down.

It’s easy for someone who’s never really struggled with their weight to tell you what to do, because in their mind it’s just a matter of gaining a bit of ”self-control.”
What they don’t realize is that every time someone mentions your weight, suggests a new diet, or even looks at you a certain way; it’s a reminder of being perceived as unattractive, unhealthy, and lacking the character to control your weight. The message is subtle, but it’s there.

I get what you’re going through because I’ve been there.

I know how easy it is to feel intimidated by a fit trainer, and think:
“How can someone like that possibly know what it’s like to be in MY shoes?”
It was that very experience that led to my career as a personal trainer and Registered Dietician.
In 2003, I had a full hysterectomy and then a lumpectomy, for cervical and breast cancer respectively. I went through seven years of hormonal treatments, which caused me to gain significant weight.

  • No matter how complex your health situation, as a medical nurse, dietician, and former professional athlete.
  • Maria will give you a medically-based solution.


Pura Vida’s advanced fitness protocols have helped thousands of people worldwide transform their health and improve their quality of life.

Introducing Small Group Coaching With Maria

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to continue your progress after completing a 1-on-1 program, group coaching is a great way to achieve and maintain your goals while making lifelong friends in the process.

My Online Group Coaching Program will give you a safe space to share your journey in a positive online setting with like-minded peers while providing the customizable and flexible tools you need to reach your individual fitness and health targets!

If you’re a previous private client and want to stay accountable after your custom plan is done, this is a great way to keep up your results!

Here’s What You Get When You Join:

customizable and flexible tools to reach your individual fitness and health targets

The Time-Saver Menu

Receive professional guidance with advanced nutrition programming that really works.


A Daily Do-Anywhere
Workout PlanValue

With cutting edge exercise tools, nothing can stop you from achieving and maintaining the results you dream of!


A Safe Space to Share
Your Journey Value

Get access to daily encouragement and advice from a non-judgemental, tight-knit group on different stages of the same journey.


Joining us is a simple as 1, 2, 3



Sign up for group coaching & get
immediate access to the private
facebook group


Get access to your 360 health
protocol with an exciting
nutrition and exercise plan
designed with your goals in


Reach all your goals and
become the best version of
yourself, so you can live your life
in a strong body that makes you
feel proud and confident!

Get healthy while enjoying life, so you can shine by being you.

Pura Vida Group Coaching

$299 $97/Month

For just $97 per month, you get:

  • Entry Level Meal Plan With Clean Foods & Healthy Recipes
  • Flexible Training With Convenient Trainerize App Workouts
  • Exclusive Supportive Facebook Community
  • Membership to Maria's Inner Circle with exclusive discounts to her favorite nutrition & fitness products

Just think about what it would be like to…

  • Love the person you see in the mirror, so you can stop hiding your best self and start treating yourself with respect, dignity, and kindness
  • Get excited about living our dream life, so you can start attracting the people, opportunities, and recognition that you deserve
  • Be so confident in your own worth that you love complimenting and elevating others, knowing nothing can ever dull your shine.
  • Have the energy to do things you’ve always wanted, with a body that can keep up with your dreams and activities
  • Wear anything you want with poise and pride, rising above hurtful comments and negative thoughts that hold you back
  • Gain healthy control in situations you’ve struggled with in the past, so you can enjoy social events and gatherings involving food without worrying about pitfalls

Don’t allow yourself to stay in the shadows of who you aspire to be and hide your shine from the world. You deserve to feel alive and love the skin you are in, so you can radiate more joyful and confident energy to attract the things and people you want.

You can start today.

Pura Vida’s Easy smoothie recipes to help you get your health back on track.

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