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I started with Maria to prep for my first show, and I could not have been happier with my results. She guided me through the entire process every step of the way. She is the Real Deal when it comes to health and fitness. Maria kept my plan healthy and nutrient dense which was exactly what I wanted. The wealth of knowledge she provided me is priceless! I now weigh less at 50 than I did in high school. You can’t go wrong working with her.

Katelyn A

Maria totally transformed my mom bod. I had just had my son and just didn’t like the way that I LOOKED. I listened to a Pod cast that Maria was on talking about her Ketogenic lifestyle and I knew I had to reach out to her. That was one of the best decisions of my life. She was able to take me on healthy path to being fit all while I was still breastfeeding my son. After 5 months of working with her, she had me ready to step on Stage bringing home the Hardware! The biggest thing she fixed for me were my glutes. I thought they would always be flat and frumpy. Full of cellulite. Not any more.

David M

If you live in Charlotte, you will hear Maria’s name in every gym. I wanted to do a bodybuilding competition and didn’t know where to start until she was referred to me by another male client of hers. I will admit, I was’t sure that a woman could help me, and boy was I wrong! Maria knows her stuff from nutrition to some really hard training. She took my body from average to AMAZING. Hire her, you will never be the same.

Delina A

I met Maria at a retreat and knew right away after talking to her that I needed her to help me bring in 50 in my best body ever. I had all sorts of injuries though and wasn’t sure I could get it done. I figured I would give it a good 5 months. In that time she not only fixed my imbalances, but she taught me how mentally and physically strong I really was and much to my surprise, She had me on stage doing a Bikini show. I look and feel amazing and have been able to stay in shape since that show. I am forever grateful to Maria.

Ada V

Maria changed my LIFE! I was battling some very serious hormonal issues and had no where to turn for help. Then one day in an Aldi, I saw this woman with an amazing physique and decided to ask her if she was a trainer. Not only was she a trainer, she was a Dietitian. Just what I needed. We got to work and slowly but surely, my body began to respond. During this time, my doctors let me know that I probably would never have kids due to the hormone problem. I remember feeling so defeated. However, Maria kept my head in the game and told me that anything is possible. Don’t give up. You will be a mom. We continued to work, and I am not only in shape, I am now a MOTHER of a beautiful baby girl. I cannot express enough how much Maria means to me. She doesn’t just become your coach, but she becomes your friend.

Danielle W

If you want to change your body and keep it, Maria is who you need to call. I’ve done all sorts of diets, but this experience with Maria was so different. She kept me healthy, no crazy calorie cuts or boring food. The workouts, OMG what a challenge. I started not being able to even do 1 push up and by the time we reached the end, I was able to do 20 in a row and sport a Hot bikini. I even stepped on stage to compete and did very well. This was money well spent

Josh V

I saw Maria in the gym daily and watched her work on herself. I found myself in awe at how she would constantly transform her body. After months of watching, I decided to ask for her help. I am in the military and I wanted to not only be able to pass my fitness test, I wanted to blow it out of the water and look great doing it

Randy R.

For most of my life, I thought I was relatively healthy. I didn’t binge on tubs of ice cream or eat whole pizzas. But as I aged, my weight steadily rose. Then I had spinal fusion, and couldn’t even get out of bed for weeks, much less work out. It would have been easy for me to gain 50 pounds or more because I was truly out of commission. However, thanks to Maria’s guidance and wealth of knowledge, I was able to maintain my weight in a healthy range. When I was finally ready, willing, and most importantly, able to hit the gym, Maria’s carefully crafted workouts and a solid diet of whole foods, I was able to shed body fat, gain muscle, and actually get into the best shape of my life…in my 40s! She has truly mastered both the art and science of her craft

Peter C.

Maria and I met in a FB health group. She would pop in and give us all advise from time to time. I had no idea she was following my journey until she messaged me and asked to take me on as a client Pro Bono. I was so overcome with emotion. At that point, I was over 400lbs. Maria took me on and we got to work. After a year and a half later Maria had me down to 230lbs. She changed my life! I am now a confident person and I truly believe that there is nothing I can’t do. I began doing seminars to other obese people helping them find their way to better health and weight loss. Best of all though, I am now able to get the skin removal surgery and will look even better. Maria taught me how to lose weight with good old fashion work and nutritious food. I am forever grateful for her.

Georgia K..

Maria is a Game Changer! I heard her on a Keto Podcast. I listened to it three times and reached out to her for help on a rush bikini prep. I had 6 weeks to get in top shape and I was hoping she could help me. Lets just say that 3 weeks later, I looked AMAZING. After that I knew I wanted her on my health team. Maria took me from the stage to several top 3 finishes in road races and half marathon prep. The best part of this journey was watching her methodical approach to nutrition. I came to her eating 1200 cals for that bikini prep and when we finished my plan, I was still in amazing shape and my calories were up to 2300. Who does this? Maria Redman that’s who. Best coach ever and such a great friend too.

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